There is a lot of Siberian larch on the market. The drying process is of essential to guaranteeing optimum quality,

and that is exactly where our focus lies at Hout De Groote!

The drying process

Our Siberian larch is freshly sawn and imported from Russia. We allow the wood to dry naturally for 3 to 4 months, after which it goes into our drying room and can be dried according to your needs. We can dry up to 8%! The entire process takes at least 6 months, but it guarantees our high level of quality.

Our work methods ensure homogeneous drying. The result is that all your wood has the same moisture content and you don't have to worry about unforeseen shrinkage.

We also offer high quality extra dried and strength graded wood for the adhesives industry.

Why do we do this?

When the wood is imported "dried" from Russia, it will only have a drying rate of 20%. This is because the wood is sawn and dried in the shortest possible period. The wood is subjected to a forced drying process which results in non-homogeneous drying. This results in unstable wood which can lead to major problems after installation.


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