About us

Hout De Groote

Houthandel De Groote is a family business that was founded at the end of 1890 as cartwright De Ploeg led by Frans de Groote. After Frans's unexpected death, his son and daughter Prosper and Emma, respectively, continued the business and added the first mechanical planing workshop to their company.

The next generation, Frans and André De Groote, left the family business in 1967 to start a new business together, which is still known today as "Hout De Groote" and continued by Johan and Filip De Groote.

The business grew, and in 1998 a 20,000-m² site was purchased in the E17/3 industrial zone where the wholesaler is now housed. The new drying chambers were built here and a fully automatic planing line was commissioned.

What do we offer?

Hout De Groote specialises in Siberian Larch. This quality wood is imported wet from Siberia, and we dry it using a unique procedure in order to guarantee optimum quality. The wood can also be cut to size in our planing workshop.


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